Saturday, December 20, 2008

Hope for environmental advocacy

Based on the names of those appointed by president-elect Obama to run agencies related to environmental issues we can be hopeful that the future looks bright and encouraging. One hope that two issues that are present in the minds of most americans: the economy and the environment can be put together. On the one hand solving many environmental problems requires new technologies and new ways of organizing the economy. The old paradigm of market driven economies is proven not to work is there is no government intervention and planning. But in order to have any government intervention and planing those in charge should have to be trained and experts in their area of study. Science has to be once again the driving source and force behind the changes accepted by our society.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Congratulations Chris!

Today is a very special day!
Chris walked to get her diploma during commencement today!
It was great to see you Chris finally getting to this important point in you life. Wish you the best and pray that you and your family continue being blessed by our Lord!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Stewardship is for Everyone

Stewardship is for everyone but the idea must be nourished. It must be fed by education, understanding, and committment. With that in mind, why not start at Warner. Dr. T. open the doors to let the ideas flow and lets watch God work through it.

I'm game if you are.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

How many people should write here?

The idea of a blog started a little as a personal diary open to all so people could comment and the ideas could grow from that participation. This idea evolved to one where many collaborators would post and all could post comments. Kris, would you think that this blog would benefit from the input of many bloggers? We could invite other friends and relatives so that we could be part of a greater community.
If you agree with this idea let me know so we can start inviting other people.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Sierra Club

There are many organizations that are trying to save the environment, or at least trying to make everybody aware of the need to do things that are efficient and are withing the framework of sustainable practices. With technology today one of the things that is ease done is the sharing of this ideas. For example this video clip posted in youtube shows how easy it is to change a conventional shower head to one that uses less water around 2.5 galon per minute which would save lots of water.

For for info about the Sierra Club go to:

Monday, April 28, 2008

Thanks so much for inviting me

Thanks Chris for inviting me to be part of your project! It is so nice for me to be able to write about stewardship. I will try to keep updating it as much as I can and will incorporate some of the ideas that as leader or facilitator of learning about "Environmentals Science" and "Environmental Studies" I'll be developing.
Hope all goes well with this project, who knows one day you might write a book!
God bless, and take care.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Stewardship for Endurance

The definition of stewardship is difficult and vague to ascertain. Any definition I've found seem to have a similar understandings: to manage, to assist, to take care of. So while some of us are off stewarding (gosh, is that a word) our own little world, who stewards us? Who stewards the mothers, the teachers, the counselors, the fathers, the ones who take care of everyone else? Unfortunately, the answer is no one in this world (we are all children of the Ultimate Steward). So what do we do now? Well, in all reality, we take a deep breath and get back at it.

My five year old gave me some amazing advice....when things get tough mommy, you stop, drop, and roll. Yes, it was a concept that I had taught my Sunday School class, but to recognize the implication in my own life was a little startling. First, we must stop before we get too deep into a situation. Assess, what are my needs and what do I need to give to make this goal happen. Then 'drop': drop to our knees and ask God for his grace, understanding, and protection to get through it. Then we roll: we roll on through with our plan of attack. According to my daughter - "it's really quite simple."

Then for those of use that are looking for options on the proverbial white knight to come and take care of us, well we need to keep looking. God provides everything that we need in our lives, and yes, life can feel overwhelming, but it's never more than we can handle.

So for the days that require our endurance to face the terrors of high gas prices, jobs that definately don't pay enough, a schedule that leaves no room for rest, a job that you can't decide where it came from, and managing everyone's needs before your own...stop, drop, and roll. God will take care of the fires, and He'll bring you through it: we just have to endure.