Friday, August 3, 2012


This has been a normal summer on what we would say the new normal. Record high temperatures, record high drought, record floods, and here in Portland OR the nice 80s+ degree Fahrenheit! The forecast for tomorrow is in the 90s which is hot but this is August after all. So how can we talk about a topic that has now been put on the back burner in our society? How can we make a reference to a unsustainable system when we have grown to love instant gratification? The problems as we see them coming seam to be in the long run, or they seem to be falling on the lap of other people like those working in the flood insurance, or farm-crop insurance industries. Why we the normal everyday citizen should worry about these events. If we think about food prices going up next year, well that is next year! Why worry?
Then if we do worry, we face the fact that there is not much we can do now. Or is there something we can do? Well, let me see. Cooling off a bit one can sit by the shadow of a nice tree and with a glass of lemonade we can read about Global Warming, we can blog about it and we can learn more about it! So this is my share for today. Have a look at this website from the Environmental Protection Agency and enjoy some data. Remember the EPA has a long history starting in the 1970s when it was created during the presidency of Richard M. Nixon, a republican!