Monday, September 21, 2015

Comemmorating Chris

We were all shocked when Chris passed in such a sudden and unexpected way. Many of us who knew her immediately thought of ways to keep her in our thoughts and to keep her legacy going. Last Thursday (summoned by Dr. Dupriest) a small group of us gathered to brainstorm ideas about how to do it. Present in the meeting besides Dr. Dupriest were Dr. Martin, Prof. Dobrenen, Prof. Hartzell, and myself. Others who couldn't be there are also participating in this endeavor.
Among the ideas was one that everybody in the meeting thought was a great idea. Building a labyrinth in the Mt. Tabor campus of Warner Pacific College. The idea proposed by Prof. Hartzell has a history and is well argumented. The history goes back to when Prof. Hartzell and Chris during one of their doctoral classes at Concordia University had to read a book where the labyrinth was used as a metaphor for finding oneself. The 'life journey' that Chris was so much about.

St. Bertin labyrinth from
We have to do a lot to make this happen, if we (WPC) decide it is the right thing to do. From getting the proper authorization from WPC to getting the funds to do it, but I feel that this idea is worth pursuing. This is why I am blogging about it because we would like to have your feedback and support. 

Of course it goes without saying that whatever we decide to do is going to be good for the environment! It will be something that represents Chris' stewardship.

Can give us some feedback?