Sunday, April 12, 2009

Intentional Use of Technology

In today's world use of technology is taken for granted! More so younger generations are brought up in a technological environment that makes them to be unaware of how dependent we are on technology.
So now as we move to a new paradigm in our society, in the way we make community and how we communicate, we must be careful and intentional in the way we use technology. In particular we should be concern with Internet technology.
There are constant changes and developments in internet technology, the formation of groups, forums, blogs, and other website base communication tools.
Some now have millions of members using that particular technology, some are emerging as the new kid in the block.
We have in our current organization the possibility of merging and superimposing as well as mixing, so hybrid forms appear and are developed. The inclusion of videos, photographs and other visual aids are taking place at a pace that is difficult to grasp. In some cases the changes occur so fast that when we become aware of them it seems that the new gadget has become obsolete!
How can we keep up dated with this change? When even the symbolism and the nomenclature is not stable at all. How can we feel that we are "cool", and members of a society that seems to us is expecting we should be aware of all "new trends & gadgets"?
Well in a way in the problem we must look for the answer! If using technology is the problem, learning to use it, and control it must be the solution.
Maybe this is why writing on this blog is important.

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