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Science and Western Culture by Kim Vess

Warner Pacific College
February 27,2011

Science Method is a formalized method for testing ideas with observations that involve
several assumptions and a more or less consistent series of interrelated steps (p.G-17). The
foundation of Western Culture is knowledge derived from reason. They both involve reality,
nature and human nature. The Western Culture can be referred to as advanced culture, because
its ideas and values promote the development and sustainment of advance civilization.
Scientific Method starts out asking a question about something someone observed. They
ask: How, When, What, Who, Which, Why and Where. The question needs to be about
something you can measure. The next thing you would have to do is write a hypothesis on the
subject, which is an educated guess. Next step would to test your hypothesis by doing
experiences. This takes several tests. A person needs to retest their experiment to make sure they
get the same results. They also need to make sure the tests are fair and consistent. The last step
would to analyze your data and draw a conclusion. If the test turns out true the person may want
to retest it in a different way to make sure it comes out the same. If the tests come out false then
a person would have to come up with another hypothesis and start over. At the end the person
will communicate their findings.

The Western Culture believes in science, they believe the truth is truth, ideals are ideals,
and values are values, and they don’t care where it comes from. Scientific method is founded by
William Whewells: who was from the Western Culture. The Western Culture was rediscovered
in Europe. This is where the foundation of Western Culture relates to the Scientific method. The
man responsible for the Scientific method is from the Western Culture. The Western Culture is
all for science, its continuing development led to the scientific revolution, the Enlightenment, the
Ameican revolution, the Industrial revolution and what is considered today as Modern

According to Western Culture global reason is reality- or fact-based thought and
perception. In technical terms, it is the faculty that enables humans to gain objective knowledge
by organizing information from their senses into concepts according to the laws of logic.

Reason is based on the view that reality—the world we live in—is real, absolute,
universal, objective, complete in itself, and exists independent of and prior to the thoughts,
hopes, desires and prayers of anyone and everyone. Reason presupposes that reality is orderly
and stable, governed by causality and is, therefore, knowable and intelligible to the human mind.
Secularism and science stem from this view of reality.
I would characterize the Western Culture as people who want facts and proof. This is
why they are all about science. Science proves if something is true or not. The Western
Culture considers them as free, prosperous, modern and peaceful and that is pro-human
life. The pro-human life culture ( The Western Culture) believes they recognize what humans
need to survive, that is the vales of reason, individualism, happiness, rights and capitalism.
Places where Western Culture dominates has a life expectancy that is longer than other nations
where Western Cultures doesn’t dominate.

In Conclusion Western Culture and Scientific Method relates because the founder of the
Scientific Method lived in a Western Culture. Because of the beliefs that the Western Culture
have, science is part of their beliefs. They believe in truth and science can prove the truth of a

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