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Danielle Waltz's view of "Living in the City"

October 11, 2011
Urban Resources and Sustainability
Living in the City
                  I have lived my whole life in the city. Being a part of the city has allowed me to learn many things that I could not learn about in a rural neighborhood or a suburban neighborhood. In the city you live amongst not only neighbor’s close by but near local business and stores as well. You can walk to school, bike or bus to school and play at the neighborhood park. I value that in the city you are forced to connect and communicate with the people around you, because they are all around you.
                  In the city there are many aspects that I appreciate from it. One of them is the culture diversity. Depending on where you live diversity can be greater or smaller then the next city but overall I feel that the city has more diversity then the outskirts in general mainly because of the greater amount of people. I feel that having a wider variety of people is a great part of a city because then we learn more. Each person’s history and background adds something unique and the city can prosper due to those historical traditions. There may be a tradition in the, for example Russian community, that may be a helpful ecological answer to a problem the city could have been struggling on but we learned something from a person with that tradition that is able to teach us the way. This can go any way or any culture so that’s why diversity in the city is a good thing.
                  Another aspect the city brings is change. Like I mentioned in the last paragraph there are lots of people in the city and people change all the time so that makes the city change as well. Even though we generally do not like change because it takes us into the unknown, which scares us, change for the better is a good thing. In the example I gave about the traditional solution in another culture for an ecological problem which that would be a change we would make. I feel that the city is more open to changing things because they do things to improve the city for the people to allow it to be more economical, safe and now in these days striving for sustainability. The city is more willing to bring change into the city because also it is usually more prosperous.
                  The city being a place of prosperity is also an aspect I see. As we learned from watching about the different mega cities around the world a common reason for seeing people migrate into the city was for the economical growth. The city is more likely to have success in a business because there are more people. Restaurants will have more customers to feed, corporate offices would have more workers and stores would have more interested customers with their product.
                  The city also has good educational system. In a city there are many elementary schools, middle schools and high schools and although neighboring schools are usual what is selected for you, you can usually pick one that works for you. Not only do cities have a selection of primary schooling but for secondary schooling as well. Within a city of a fairly decent size there are usually quite a bit of secondary schools to chose from as well. I know that I was happy with my choice of school that was only a few miles from my house. That helps to save money to allow you to stay hear your home and also be close to your family.
                  So what does it mean for me to live in the city? I live in the city because I like to be near others. I feel comfort to have the safety of the firemen, policemen and hospitals in close proximity in case of an emergency. I like the stability that the city gives with its prosperity and politics. Although rural and suburban have its pros and cons, the city, at least for right now, is that place for me.

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