Sunday, April 13, 2014

Our Relationship With Energy Use by Craig M. Winbush

Warner Pacific College
April 5, 2014

            As I reflected on this week’s assignment regarding society’s uses of energy, required me to do some inter-reflection on the ways I recall consuming energy in the past.  First, I must establish a few parameters for the discussion.  I am a member of large family, fourteen to be exact; as a young child, I can remember my parents contently saying; turn off those lights, turn off that television or turn off that radio if you are not going to be using them.  Of course, being young and uninformed about the importance of conserving energy I did not ascertain or understand what my parents were trying to convey to my brothers and sisters. One must understand my dad worked for the power plant that provided the electricity for the city in with we resided which was probably the driving force behind the constant awareness of the importance of energy conservation; not to mention the cost of one’s electric bill.
            Although my parents were in possession of a dryer, I can recall my mother hanging the family’s laundry on the clothes line my dad erected in the backyard of our home to conserve on the electricity bill. Furthermore, whenever I witness individuals hanging their clothes outdoors on clothes their clothesline these days it takes me right back to my childhood days when we were more energy conscience. I can also recall when we were more incline to take public transportation than we are today; this can be a result of one’s work schedule or the lack of coverage in one’s area. Another point I want to address is the ability we had as children to walk to our destinations without the risk of being abducted by some stranger looking to do us harm, unfortunately that is not the case today. I would love to allow my youngest daughter who is turning 14 to walk to school or a friend’s house to enjoy a day of play; however, because of the safety concerns I have outweigh my concerns to be energy efficient, therefore I burn the gas and drive her the few miles to her friends residence.
            I believe the government should allow private companies to explore and develop alternatives to fossil fuels without interference from obstructionist like the many lobbyist that are in the pockets of certain politicians.  For example, automaker Tesla is now in a legal battle with Washington State legislators because they want the automaker to adopt the dealership model verses allowing Tesla to work directly with their customers.  This situation is very perplexing to me, here you have an automaker that is providing a green vehicle to the public at a reasonable price, but yet individuals with governmental influence is making it harder for the automaker to provide a product  without adding additional cost to their customers.  In an effort to preserve our natural resources for generations to come, we need to continue to explore ways of offering an alternative to oil and coal.  We should also continue to champion our recycling efforts across the nation; bringing those states like New York and Texas onboard with the process.  In closing, as we discussed in class we all must take personal responsibility to ensure we use our natural resources wisely; our consumption of energy must become a household discussion.     

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