Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Scott Buser's view on: "Society’s Vulnerabilities to Hazards"

 Warner Pacific College
August 11, 2014

I completed a quiz on line, “My foot Print”, and was surprised to find that we would need 5.63 planet earths to survive living the way that I currently am using my ecological behaviors. Although I rated low on carbon use, 70.3, compared to the country average of 91.4, I rated high in my food foot print. My foot prints on how I live; my home rated average to the country yet my use of goods, and services rated high.
It is interesting to see how one person can affect our environment. If we think about the effects us as humans have on the planet we don’t have long before it’s too late for reversing our effect. The current issues we are facing today are global warning, ozone depletion, pollution, loss of natural resource, nuclear problems, loss of biodiversity, energy problems, and waste management.
The impact on our environment is at a stage of no return. We can only hope that with new inventions to curb the damage, and new behaviors to change our effect on the environment, that we can survive longer.
We hear in the news of the hillsides that collapse; killing people who chose to live next to something so beautiful. It is however, those same people that change to hillsides to meet their own needs of comfort, energy and human perspective of beauty. The rivers are full of human pollution; discarded medications, human waste, even fuels taken from other parts of the land that are flushed down the street sewers.
The ozone that surrounds our planet which protects us from the suns radiation is slowly melting away because of our greed to use manmade chemicals. We know that deodorant sprays are harmful, so why do we still make them, and use them? Our bodies thrive, and have to have water to survive. Now we’re buying water from a plastic bottle because the water pumped to your home might now be good for you. We have no new source of water, it’s the same water we drink that we see fall from the sky, come into our toilet and rivers.
In the 1970’s we began realizing that we are being destructive to mother earth; our living room. Is it too late?
I think we have slowed the impact of our behaviors, but I think we also have a long ways to go. None of our four legged relatives that were killed by our footprint well never is coming back. It’s not too late to save future impacts. We have stronger laws protecting our environment. We are providing more education of the impact pollution is having on nature. We have organizations like the bureau of land management that oversees how we use the land we live on. I hope in the near future we find alternatives to energy and heal the environment before nature calls it quit time for humans.
I think more education, involvement for people, smarter use of nature and less fossil fuel will help improve our impact on the environment. It scares me to think my children’s children won’t have the life they deserve, because we didn’t take care of what the creator gave us.
Mother earth!

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