Sunday, May 24, 2015

Climate Change and The Economy

How many times have we heard that measures to meliorate drastic changes of climate will have a negative impact on the economy? or, How will drastic changes in climate will have a negative impact on the economy?

I started drafting this blog a long time ago and it looks that the question keep current no matter what!

Look at what is happening now in the south of US, flooding after a long period of drought, flooding that will for the short term very damaging for the economy but I have no doubt that in the long term it might be an economic boom. To read more about the current situation click here. It seems to me that in this case the sentence: "it all depends" is strengthened by the individualistic, egoistic nature of some humans. Can we say to those under the threat of flooding, don't worry if your lose all you have now because in the long run is going to be good for the economy.

Don't worry even if you have not enough insurance because in the long run the economy will be good. Don't be jealous or envious of those (the 1%) who benefit when the economy prosper and when the economy sinks. It is only a matter of life, and there is nothing we can do about it. Because if we try to do something about it we'll be working against a system that values freedom and "Freedom and Liberty" are the most precious values in our culture and society. We are fighting against the most basic principle stated by Darwinist who know that the survival of the fittest is the key in evolution.

Forget about what the anarchist Kropotkin wrote in "Mutual Aid" in opposition to this view. Where he mention that the way of defining "the fittest" is based on the idea of survival through intelligent collaboration and community. If you want to find more about Kroportin click here. So, you may be wondering by now, what is this related to how are we supposed to react in the face of a changing climate?

Here is the deal. Are we individuals facing climate change? Or are we a community facing climate change? No brainer, you might say is both! How can you have community without individuals? How can you have an individual without a community?

This new perspective has to be included in the paradigm of our economic system. As in a natural community, the stronger is the one that foots the bill with more. If our society can be made as a natural community, which of course I think we can, then we have to find out who are the "strongest" in our community. Some would say we are talking about the 1% who own about 50% of the wealth of this country. They should foot the bill for the costs of climate change!

Why not?

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