Saturday, November 7, 2015

Activism, the XL-Keystone Pipeline and Sociopathy

For the time being the Keystone Pipeline project is dead.
The reason stated is that the pipeline will not serve the interests of the United States of America and will contribute to the worsening of the environmental conditions around the planet. Environmentalists are pleased with the decision and know that to a great extent this decision was taken in part due to a huge political pressure created by activism. This phenomenon is been observed in other arenas of our political life, like the process in the selection of candidates for the US presidency currently in the way.

Activism is, has been, and should continue to be an honorable participation of the citizenry of any country. It is the only means citizens have to oppose the paramount force that multinational corporations have in the development, and progress of our society. We should hope that soon, through educating the leadership of these corporations, activism would not be necessary to oppose corporations as they will be directed by citizens and not, as most are today, by sociopaths. Sick of their minds these sociopaths are in charge of a corporate power that is working against the wellbeing of the common populace. Their decision making is based on an ill desire of wealth accumulation and not in the desire of benefiting the community. As with any illness, sociopathy has to be addressed by our society. The lack of proper education and mental medical attention has produced in our society a class of people (so called 1%) with a clear manifestation of an intense antisocial behavior. Worst than any other illness and disease, sociopathy is not recognized as an environmental disease. In fact those affected by it, do not recognize that they are sick. Intelligent as they are, they have found mechanisms for defense and are able to coverup their illness under a blanket of economic ideology.

You might not agree with me that these CEOs are sociopaths, but ask yourself:

Who would need more than 1 million dollars a month?

Why is the exaggerated income of these CEOs not challenged by those who can challenge it?

Finally, What are you going to do about it?

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