Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Future is Here!

Some final comments shared as we finish classes in Environmental Studies PHS 100, and Environmental Science PHS 105 relate to the future of our society. Of course this topic is always tricky as the future is always there, never at reach but as a guide for things to come we can see what is going on already. The trick of a good "futurologist" is to read from events of the present, normally complicated and confused, what are the things to come.
Today I want to share a couple of reading in The Oregonian of today Sunday June 7, 2009. One by Laura Oppenheimer is about pattern changes in the employment of Oregon, using the Gorge and The Dalles as examples: You can read it here. The other by Lori Tobias is about the problem that coastal areas have with pollution of fresh waters. You can read it here.
In both cases we see how what is happening around us will make us take actions in the future either to mitigate problematic situations, or to take advantage of new trends in technology.

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