Friday, May 16, 2014

Small business and the EPA by Nicky Guyton

Warner Pacific College
May 15, 2014

            This essay will include my personal views on environmental regulations.  I will elaborate on regulations that inspired me the most in regards to how strongly I feel towards them.  This essay will also include some examples and information to back up my views on certain regulations and what we can do to abide by those regulations. 
            The environmental protection agency also known as EPA regulates the impact of small businesses on the environment.  The EPA develops and enforces regulations that implement environmental laws enacted by congress.  Environmental regulations that intrigue me the most have to do with how small businesses can effect the environment.  I hope to own my own business one day, whether it is my own hair salon or something else, this is why I am most interested in environmental regulations towards small businesses.  Environmental regulations can affect a business at any time. Whether you produce products that could potentially harm the environment, are engaged in agricultural farming, or need to dispose of pollutants or hazardous or non-hazardous waste, you must comply with the law. Businesses impacted by disasters such as flooding or fire, are also required to implement cleanup plans to avoid pollutants entering and damaging the ecosystem.
            The regulations for small businesses include national emission standards for hazardous air pollution, lead-based paint activities, renewable fuel standards, national primary drinking water regulations, and the list keeps going on.  All of these regulations are made to keep the business as environmentally friendly as possible.  My views on these regulations are simple, I agree with the regulations on keeping as much pollution out of the air as possible as well as the environment.  There was one regulation I included previously that stood out to me that described in case of emergencies such as a flood or a fire regulate your products and materials that you have within your business that could be harmful.  There are no regulations that state everything in your business has to be one hundred percent environmentally friendly but limit certain things that could be harmful let’s say in a fire.
            In this situation what stands out to me would be a chemical product.  If you have chemical products within your business I would say to keep your stock as low as possible and learn how to manage your inventory.  Meaning that, have products going out as fast as they are coming in.  In my opinion it would be nice for every business to come up with ways that their products could all be environmentally friendly, but there is a very low chance of that happening.  I know within my line of work, which is hair, we work with many chemicals for coloring hair and many products for styling and cutting hair that are not so great for our environment.  I hope by the time I own my own business, possibly a hair salon, that someone comes up with environmentally friendly products and that would be the line of products I would carry, 
            Throughout this essay I elaborated on my views on environmental regulations, specifically ones that pertain to small businesses.  I also including regulations that stood out to me most and explained how we as business owners can abide by those regulations provided by EPA.
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