Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Scott Buser writes about how Interesting is to see how the Scientific Method has affected Western Culture

Warner Pacific College
July 23, 2014

            It is interesting to think of how scientific methods have affected the western culture. If we were to ask the Native American Indians how scientific methods have affected them I believe we would get a whole different perspective.
            The scientific community, the professors and the thinkers of the world have changed us from rock throwers to rocket boosters to the moon. To understand how life is made to an understanding of how life works has the ability to improve or hinder mankind. We have used science to understand the molecules, the protons and Neurobiology. We have made great advancements in curing human diseases, yet some of these discoveries have also had a negative effect on our planet.
            If we think about where mankind would be today without science it boggles the mind. Before the vehicle we have horse and buggy. In the early 1920’s the buggy pulled by horses were perceived as pollution. Their droppings were left behind on dirt roads which produced bad odor, and was unaccepted in appearance. Today, in the 21 century we have similar opinions regarding fossil fuels. Our daily mode of transportation is the vehicles we drive. Our emissions from the vehicles are viewed as harming our planet’s atmosphere.
            In the balance of science we have been attempting to lesson our footprint on planet earth. Yet with the help of science, as in the early stages of science we are beginning to understand western culture and the effects we are having on the earth. To understand the methods of science we are more apt to improve our existence on the planet.
            The Native culture believes that to heal mother earth we must first respect her. We must first address our own greed, and walk with the nature of mother earth. In the Bible you will read throughout it the importance of respect to our environment, and each other. Science has had a positive impact on improving how we survive, yet, has also had a negative impact on how we use the invention from science.
            I believe that with the understanding of how we have negatively affected our world that we could also our science to reverse all the destructions from over the last few hundred years.
            In the early days when science was being fine tuned, we started to understand how we could improve our lives; we also were learning at the same time how bad some of these new improvements could have, yet we continued to invent, ignore and hide destruction.
            I believe science is our answer to improvement, with of course human involvement with prayer, with what the lord states in his literature. Science gave us the TV, let’s turn it off and socialize with our brothers and sisters. We invented fossil fuels, let’s park our cars and exercise. Change is also part of science, humans are the only creature on our planet that has resistance to change; yet as guardians of the planet, it is we whom need to change the most for all living things to survive.

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